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new song: dEEpbUS!

2010-11-12 12:20:51 by TonyAzemia /375373
NY NEW SONG: check it out :D

new song: dEEpbUS!

i've uploaded some audio!

2009-08-05 12:16:48 by TonyAzemia

and you ca choose to use some if you want to

I've scraped the other ideas i had to work on some newer and more humorous and random animations, drawings and comics.
im not gonna put any animations up for a long time coz ill be making new ones that are random, crazy, name it..but you'll all have to wait

im working on something im not gonna tell the name of but you'll like it trust me it's taken ages to do it and im still not finished with it but i need alot of time for it coz it's my first actual animation lol

yay! ive finally got my internet back but i dont know when ill lose it again so i have to vodafone make the most of now yeah you're all think that was a cheap ass joke lol
its just i'm about to tell ya all about my new animation which was in%u2020ended for halloween but i was on holiday and a week or two after i came back i was making an animation called Bang! Halloween Editon: Madness Mayhem no. 1 coz next halloween there will be a madness mayhem no. 2 :D (that's if my internet works on that week lol)
well go check it out the animation that is
and also i havent spoken about the "DAVE" movie that's coz it's been delayed even longer than it was supoosed to be (i know i said it's coming soon but i'm having to remake and now i feel like shit :( (i can't say why exactly i had to remake)
well enjoy the animation at least lol :P

IM BACK!!!! (but...)
After finally learning how to make a replay button i made a intro screen that says "a tonyazemia production"
and it didn't take long i also thought about adding different things to my BANG! 1 movie like music and a replay button lol
now i know what you're all thinking wait he said he would make a BANG! 2 movie well i can assure you all BANG! 2 will come but soon and the same goes for the "Dave" Movie


2008-10-14 16:53:51 by TonyAzemia

im at the same time sad and happy here coz im gonna have no computer with me but on the bright side i have trees, ground, my niece, grandma, grandpa and all the other stuff cool and wonderful and friggin awesome things ahead on holiday because im going to my home country for a three week holiday
also Flash based news im gonna be still editing and adding shit to my new animation which will be all flash but have to finish it once ive gotten back well i feel sad but ill be leaving on sunday 19th october also i get more time to make things and make arty stuff lol
well also good news is i MIGHT buy a tablet coz i feel safer drawing by hand than mouse coz my animations will be better and shiny lol
look out for "BANG! 2" it's all flash..
also ill be back in 3 three weeks!!!! :)
yeah im going to seychelles my home country :D


Work In Progress!!!

2008-10-06 13:17:22 by TonyAzemia

Me and my Friends are making a play it currently in progress (as you might have noticed that ive typed "are" instead of "have") all im gonna say is it starts off with two boys on a bench well i can't ruin it or expose the facts and shit about the play lol
well it might go on youtube and probably not Newgrounds but ill try and make a flash version of it as soon as it finished and buy a tablet but ill soon be going on holiday lol
well to carry on the making of this play let's say the magic words lol
"LET'S ROCK" lol also there will be music for this play at the start, middle.... blah blah blah lol

Work In Progress!!!

Tony has been really busy with well making and editing "DAVE" it's gonna be on NG really soon i cant predict which date or month exactly but all i can say is soon
and im also making some music for the movie and just music for everything such as getting rich and famous lol, for just plain old fun and for flashes and friends

New Series called "Bang!" episode 1 on NG!
its called bang coz it's gun crazy but im not gun crazy lol
im waiting for thee new MSI album to come out!
here's a pic of my favourite album they made "IF"

New Series called "Bang!" episode 1 on NG!